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Cas’ amber eyes gleam with intelligence, while his strong build and confident demeanor make him a true feline king.

Cas’ striking appearance and thick triple-layered fur are characteristic of Siberian cats, evoking a sense of royal elegance.

Majestic Appearance:

Gentle and Playful:

Behind his majestic exterior lies a gentle and affectionate nature, forming deep bonds with those around him.

Natural Athlete:

Cas’ strong physique and agile movements reflect his heritage as a skilled hunter, allowing him to engage in active play and exploration.

Dedicated to Health and Happiness

Our breeder cats undergo thorough annual HCM exams and are only bred if they are cleared of all 50 genetic diseases. This proactive approach guarantees we offer only the healthiest kittens.

Raised in a loving environment, our kittens are extensively socialized from an early age. With school-age children and a family dog, they learn to thrive among both humans and pets, gaining the well-rounded experiences needed to adapt seamlessly into their new families.

Attention to Every Detail

Operating from our home, where we both work full-time, ensures that our cats and kittens receive constant attention and affection. This hands-on care is crucial in nurturing well-adjusted and sociable cats.

Delivered with Love

We believe every kitten deserves a safe and comfortable journey to their forever home. That’s why we personally hand-deliver our kittens to the airport of your choice across the United States. We meticulously coordinate all travel details to prioritize their well-being and comfort. The only cost to you is the reimbursement of the airfare.

Nurtured with Care